Blind Wine Tasting Kits Now Available


NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., March 4, 2003 – Leading the way in the growing industry of wine accessories, founder Jim Kennedy today announced the formation of Bagged Wine.  Through its products and services, Bagged Wine will focus on enhancing the wine experience for wine experts and enthusiasts alike.

 Bagged Wine’s premier products are Blind Tasting Kits, which consist of high-quality, stain-resistant, numbered velvet bags for blind wine tasting.  The kits are available in three colors – black, maroon, or navy – and come packaged in sets of 5 or 20 bags.  The Blind Tasting Kit with 5 bags has a suggested retail price of  $19.95; the Blind Tasting Kit with 20 bags retails for $59.95.  Bagged Wine’s Blind Tasting Kits are available though wineries, wine retailers, and directly on its website.

According to Jim Kennedy, Bagged Wine’s vice president of sales and marketing, “With Bagged Wine products and accessories, one may fully experience wine and wine tasting in the most elegant manner.  For example, with the Blind Tasting Kit, blind wine tasting has evolved to a new level.  No longer must tasters use brown paper bags and masking tape for blind wine tasting.  Instead they can fully enjoy the encounter with tasteful wine bags designed specially for blind wine tasting.”

Most wine experts agree that wine should be tasted blind to accurately judge its characteristics.  Further emphasizing the belief that blind wine tasting is the only true way to taste wine, R. Michael Mondavi, chairman and former CEO of the Robert Mondavi Corporation, said recently in Wine Spectator, “Your mind overrides your palate and your sensory perceptions when you don’t taste blind.”

In addition to Bagged Wine’s Blind Tasting Kit, additional wine products and accessories for tasting, transporting, and enjoying wine will be forthcoming.  Bagged Wine products are available though wineries, wine retailers, and directly on its website at www.baggedwine.com