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Wine Business Monthly - April 2003

New company, Bagged Wine, Offers Blind Tasting Kit

Jim Kennedy recently announced the formation of wine accessory company Bagged Wine. Bagged Wine offers Blind Tasting Kits, which consist of drawstring bags for blind wine tasting. The kits bags--made of high-quality velvet, stain-resistant and numbered--are available in three colors (black, maroon, or navy) and come packaged in sets of five or 20 bags. The Blind Tasting Kit with five bags has a suggested retail price of $19.95; the Blind Tasting Kit with 20 bags retails for $59.95. The products were first shown to the wine industry at Barclay & Company's Advanced Tasting Room Strategies trade show in early February. According to Kennedy, "With Bagged Wine products and accessories, one may fully experience wine and wine tasting in the most elegant manner. For example, with the self contained Blind Tasting Kit, blind wine tasting has evolved to a new level. No longer must tasters use brown paper bags and masking tape for blind wine tasting. Instead they can fully enjoy the encounter with tasteful wine bags designed specially for blind wine tasting." In addition to Bagged Wine's Blind Tasting Kit, additional wine products and accessories for tasting, transporting, and enjoying wine will be forthcoming. For more information about Bagged Wine, visit their website www.baggedwine.com or email: info@baggedwine.com

Karen MacNeil, Author of "The Wine Bible" - May 2003

After years of blinding wines by wrapping fabulous bottles in ugly brown paper bags, it's a joy to discover Bagged Wine's Blind Tasting Kits. Blind tasting just got elegant.

Swirl Wine News – May/June 2003

You’re kicking it up a notch at this party- the tasting will be “blind”, so no one can see exactly what they’re sipping before they proffer their opinion. You invite your friends, you prepare gourmet nibbles, you assemble serverle insouciant bottle and cloak them in.. brown lunch bags? We think not! Instead you choose Tasting Kits from Bagged Wine. Numbered bags in your choice of black, burgundy (n’est-ce pas) and blue cotton velvet hide wine labels in style while providing an easy way to ID each bottle. Sold in sets of 1-5 ($19.95) and 1-20 (64.95) from www.baggedwine.com or call 949.644.7299

KFWB Food Spot & WCBS Food Spot – June 2003

Your very own blind tasting.

A lot of people like to study labels while they sip their wines and this does add a certain element of enjoyment to the wine-tasting experience. But professional tasters know that packaging can subtly influence the objective element of a wine. In professional settings, wine is judged on its own merits, not how colorful or sophisticated the label is. Professional tasters usually taste “blind” – without knowing which wine they’re tasting. Now you can easily do this at home with a new set of wine bags from a company called Bagged Wine. The wine bags come in black, maroon and navy and are numbered with large white numerals. They’re available in sets of 5 (Starter) or 20 (Collector), depending how large a wine-tasting party you’re having. The bags have a drawstring with a cordlock at the top, but to complete objectivity. Be sure to remove the bottle’s foil entirely. You can get the kits at www.baggedwine.com

Bagged Wine’s products are being used by Bon Appetite Magazine’s tasting panel, and have been written up in Fancy Food Magazine.

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